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Unlocking the power of AI for creative imagery

AI can initially feel quite daunting because of its vast scope. It seems like there are endless opportunities out there, which, while exciting, can also be intimidating and confusing regarding where to start. First attempts at creating imagery in A.I tend to be at best disfigured, at worst warped. For example, it can generate extra fingers, distorted facial features etc. However, I’ve discovered that there are a few prompts that can help assist and guide AI to create an incredible and realistic end product. I’ve found that using prompts like “8K” produce a higher quality visual with greater attention to detail. This is especially the case when it comes to generating more challenging features, as well as appropriate backgrounds to set the context for the initial concept.

AI has eliminated the issue of images being too cropped or not big enough for certain social assets. The incredible A.I software ‘Infinite Image’ by the website RUNWAY allows the user to give AI access to extend any image from any angle. This is game changing when it comes to adjusting sizes for social posts.  

AI has transformed the process for creating mock-ups. Whether it’s for mock-ups on the side of buildings, inside train stations, or for spaces to superimpose branding on, creatives no longer need to waste time sifting through digital photograph stores for the right shot. Now, creatives can create bespoke imagery, changing specifical details like the location, season, weather and time – and turn an idea into a (virtual) reality!