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Marketing InsightsPodcast Hours of conversation on all things marketing.
Marketing InsightsPodcast Hours of conversation on all things marketing.
Marketing InsightsPodcast Hours of conversation on all things marketing.
Marketing Insights Podcast

Episode 21

AI News Update March

In our latest podcast – March AI Update – Charlotte and Adrianna discuss the biggest impact AI is having in marketing right now, namely; SEO and paid strategy, and some of the exciting updates and announcements that have happened over the past few weeks.

For example, Google’s first core update of 2024 delves into reducing content that doesn’t serve people by around 40%. What does this mean for you if you’ve created your website and blogs mainly using AI tools such as ChatGBT? Find out in this episode.

Listen below to find out more.  


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Episode 20

How to build AI + Automation into your marketing strategy.

Following our latest Marketeer Moments event, Charlotte and Adriana discuss the exploration of AI & Automation. In this episode we look at how AI is transforming the way we optimise content from brand-led content to what’s being discussed about your brand online, to automated keyword research (SEO) content optimisation and link building.

We also cover how AI tools have advanced in the last 10 months, especially the core developments of Adobe Firefly supporting designers to make outstanding images. And finally that all important topic of human touch vs AI. We believe human touch to be the sandwich around the AI tools, it adds narrative, humour, emotions – all core human experiences into your marketing strategy. 

Listen below to find out more. 


Episode 19

Marketeer Moments: Catapult your conversions follow-up part 1

Following our latest Marketeer Moments event, Charlotte and Adriana explore all things funnel marketing, including how to improve the start, middle, and end of your funnel.  

In this episode, we look into removing barriers to buy as well as understanding the difference between demographics and human behavioural needs – and so much more! 

Whether you’re a marketeer, business owner, or simply exploring the best ways to turn browsers into consumers, this episode offers valuable insights into the exciting world of conversion marketing. 

Listen below to find out more. 


Episode 18

Marketing Insights presents Louise Robertson on how to market in regulated industries

It was such a pleasure chatting with Pattern Insurance Chief Marketing Officer Louise Robertson in our latest podcast on how marketing has transitioned from large in-house teams using waterfall marketing to small in-house teams using agile marketing.

In it, we discuss pivoting campaigns and bridging the gap between Sales and Marketing – this episode is a must-listen for marketeers looking to improve internal processes and deliver effective and engaging campaigns.

Listen below to find out more.


Episode 17

Marketeer Moments AI Event Follow Up

Following our latest Marketeer Moments event, Charlotte and James discuss the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing and how it can be used to improve business outcomes.

Whether you’re a marketer, business owner, or simply interested in the future of technology, this episode offers valuable insight into the exciting world of AI-powered marketing.

Listen below to find out more.


Episode 16

The future of marcoms with AI

AI has been catapulted into everyday conversation thanks to the likes of Chat GPT reaching a million users in just 5 days.

With its rapid evolution, marketeers can no longer afford not to keep up. By using AI tools as a foundation for our work, we can futureproof our roles by using it to help us with time management, getting more out of our staff and resources, and enhancing our entire digital marketing offering.  

In this podcast, we explore how AI can be used to improve research, communications, and campaigns, as well as save time in our daily routine marketing tasks.  


Episode 15

Rise of the bots – something to fear?

It is 2023, but the digital marketing sector is still plagued by ad fraud – what can marketers do to safeguard their interests?

Bots are like steroids; they provide that initial pump needed to bolster a brand, but consistent use and abuse will take its toll in the long run. Whilst there is a time and a place for bots, the grand majority lead to skewed data and users bouncing from your site.


Episode 14

Followers vs email sign-ups – which is more valuable for your brand?

With ever-changing algorithms, you’re at the mercy of social platforms allowing you to talk to your customers, but there’s a case for each and we argue it out in our latest Marketing Insights podcast.


Episode 13

Brand & Deliver – 20 years in the business

This week, Charlotte and Creative Director Elle talk about branding. With over 20 years of branding experience, they focus on how this has changed over the past two decades and the changing pressures that brands are facing. Tune in for an invigorating listen. 


Episode 12

The takeover of short-form video

The Drew + Rose Marketing insights podcast is back! This week, CEO Charlotte and Digital Expert Adriana, talk about the takeover of short-form video and what this means to marketers.


Episode 11

Covert with confidence: website wins

In our recent poll, 62% of listeners asked for more advice on the ‘middle of the funnel’ and converting. You asked, so we delivered.


Episode 10

6 ways your business can convert more online

We kick off season 3 with valuable tips from our very own Lively team as Charlotte, Jess and James introduce 6 ways your business can convert more online.


Episode 9

Find your sweet spot

Earlier in the season, episode 2 to be exact (check it out), Charlotte and Elle covered brand personality and touched on the importance of finding your why. This power couple has joined forces again to dig deeper into your why.


Episode 8

So Long Silo

So much time is put into each marketing channel, but are we looking at how they work together?


Episode 7

Maniacal about metrics – but not vanity

Digital marketing is surrounded by metrics and data. But what do these metrics and data mean?


Episode 6


Up next for Episode 3 in the Live + Learn series we have a chat with our in-house SEO expert Henry, about WTF SEO actually is and why every brand needs a long term strategy.


Episode 5

Let’s get memorable, memorable!

Episode 2 of the Live + Learn series. This practical episode will walk you through how to ensure your brand is memorable and resonates with your target customer, your brand needs a personality!


Episode 4

How to make human connection now.

Join Charlotte Johnson (Live Consultancy) and Stacey Kehoe (Brandlective) as they discuss ‘how to make human connections now’. With practical solutions on how to make your marketing work.


Episode 3

Marketing? Where the hell do we start now?

This Lively Lunch and Learn session is an interactive chat with leading marketers who are going to run through how to audit your marketing right now and how to build a marketing plan for the next 90 days with a limit budget and resources.


Episode 2

Brand Health

Live Founder Charlotte Johnson and Elle Moss founder of Drew London discuss ‘brand health’. At a time when health is at the at the forefront of our minds marketers should be pivoting their short and long term strategies to improve their brand health.


Episode 1

Lively podcast launch

The first in our Lively podcast series, Charlotte Johnson Founder of Live Consultancy speaks to Elle Moss Founder of Drew London.