Why Drew + Rose

Why Drew + Rose

We exist to break the spiral of the agency model, delivering outcomes not fluffy marketing.

We are value-led and mission-led.

To build an agency our grandparents would be proud of, make money and do good.

Making money

  1. Achieve our growth targets to fund our mission and practice what we preach. Who wants to work with a marketing partner that can’t grow themselves?
  2. Deliver excellent results for our partners so they keep coming back.

Doing Good

  1. Look after and develop our people.
  2. Break the spiral of class inequality, starting with our Breaking The Spiral Academy.

A percentage of the profit goes to other Breaking The Spiral Initiatives

What is Breaking The Spiral?

It’s a sub-brand of the Drew + Rose group. It’s not public yet, we are starting small and building it up. We are passionate about growth at all levels, not just commercial growth but people growth. In fact, we care more about people’s development.

The academy is our first Breaking The Spiral initiative. We are working with young people from deprived backgrounds in London and training them to get into marketing agencies that are still, unfortunately, very white middle class.

Each class will have a developer, copywriter, designer, social media and account manager that will work and develop as a team supported and taught by the Directors at Drew + Rose.

We aim to take on two classes a year and hope to grow this into a larger academy next year. Long term, we plan to fund initiatives that break the spiral of class inequality in London.

Why do we split the offering into Offline, Online and in Real Life?

To deliver outcomes and growth for our partners. We start with offline, where we build or develop the brand and website. When ready to launch, the Online Team catapult the brand online, to engage the right people to convert. Our In Real Life Team cover events and large-scale campaigns that require different project management than digital retainers.

What is covered by the Offline Team?

Naming, brand creation, a brand refresh, brand development, website design and build.

What is covered by the Online Team?

Digital marketing journeys to engage, convert or build advocates.

We do what it takes to deliver an outcome for a fixed monthly cost, to give our partners value and results. We often get asked ‘But what does that include?’ and, to their surprise, it covers a great deal. For clarity, this is listed below:

  • Strategy
  • Onboarding – customer personas, competitor analysis, and online audits
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Website UX UI
  • Conversion strategy (Conversion and Advocacy Packages)
  • Social media – ideas, creation, publishing, reporting, refining
  • Paid social media across all channels – we test and learn to find out which channel is best for you
  • PPC
  • Landing pages
  • Email automation
  • Blogs
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Follower campaigns
  • Remarketing
  • Loyalty programmes (Advocacy only)
  • Referral and recommendations campaigns (Advocacy only)
  • Video production
  • Editing
  • Animation

What we don’t do in-house

SEO – however, we recommend and work very closely with our partner, Henry (Channel Creative)

What is covered by the in Real Life Team?

Events, campaigns, experiential, influencer experiences and larger-scale video production.

How much does it cost?

We have three verticals in the business – offline, online and in real life. Each of these areas has three simple packages:


Brand Development
You have a name, logo, and colours and need sales and marketing assets built out £8k

Brand Refresh
You have a name and logo you want to keep and refresh the rest £12k

Brand Creation
Starting from scratch to build everything you need £15k
If you need a name too £4k extra


We have three simple packages to get you started, so you know what to budget for.

We develop the technical spec during discovery.

Basic Website £10,000

The Tier 1 launch covers a basic website or store build. This tier will deliver a comprehensive website with a custom design that is fully branded. There will be key pages with a built-in blog/news functionality section. All builds include an implementation of Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics tracking. You can also choose from two of the available functions to add to the site.

7 pages: Home – About – Services – Blog Parent – Blog Child – Contact – T&Cs

3 Layout templates so pages look slightly different.

Functions, choice of 2:

  • social pull-through from a single platform
  • Image/product/news sliders
  • newsletter signup and link to CRM
  • popup data capture and link to CRM

Banging Website £15,000

Everything in Tier 1 except the design branding is expanded to touch every element and asset on the website giving a fully immersive brand experience. The page count increases to a maximum of 20 pages with up to 6 different templates. Furthermore, there are some more complex functions to choose from including:

  • accordion style drop downs for Q&A/FAQ pages
  • social pull-through from several platforms
  • user experience tracking, see in real-time how someone uses your website
  • search + filtering system for content

Platform £25,000

The jump to Tier 3 includes everything in tier 1 & 2, but pushes the development levels much further and includes almost any custom development requirements. From a branding perspective, we take the online brand as far as possible with animation in design like product walkthroughs and animated hero videos.

Big development examples:

  • eCommerce like custom WooCommerce/Shopify
  • Member portals
  • API integrations
  • Detailed workflow animations
  • Extremely high-security integrations

Hosting Support and Maintenance of websites

If you are on any of our digital retainers, this is all covered for you.

Hosting on our dedicated green servers. £50pm

+ Maintenance
Hosting + maintaining the security and updates on the site £125pm

+ Support
Above plus two hours of support time a month to cover bugs and issues that arise £200pm

Digital Marketing Functions

Engage £4kpm

We engage the right people with landing pages and capture quality data.

Including paid, social, email, landing page, email automation, remarketing, design, copywriting, strategy, account management, weekly status reports, and in-real-time dashboard.

Conversion £7kpm
We engage the right people with your website and get the website converting.

Including everything in engage plus; website design, UX, UI, development, hosting, HotJar reviews, conversion strategy, one video shoot a month, bi-weekly progress meetings and weekly status reports.

Advocacy £10kpm
We engage the right people with your website, get them converting and then turn them into advocates through referrals, recommendations, upsells, upgrades etc.

Including everything in Conversion plus; two video shoots a month, editing, art direction, loyalty schemes, strategy to develop UX/UI on platforms, referral campaigns, case studies, testimonials, and recommendation campaigns.

Do you know any good photographers/videographers?

Absolutely! We have a team in-house for animation, editing and camera ops. We sometimes have to call upon our trusted partner for additional cameras, sound and lighting for larger shoots. But simple brand content is all handled within our team, and our top-tier retainers include a few shoots a month.

How we work

Our meeting rhythm

We huddle every day at 10am the delivery team and account managers review all the production schedules and ensure that everything is on track. We also review creative work every day as a team to challenge each other to ensure brilliance.

Your agency team will have a weekly deep dive to look at our progress against your timeline or targets, this is where we look at our progress from last week and priorities for the week ahead so that we can send you a status each week.

What is project management?

A good project manager does many things:

  • They understand your business and how to move it forward.
  • They get to know you and what you need.
  • They are easy to communicate with and extremely responsive.
  • They will keep you up to date regarding all elements of your project.
  • They keep a watchful eye on your timeframes and budget.
  • They check all elements of your project, making sure everything is double and triple checked before you review it, saving you time and energy.

Why is project management so important?

A great project manager is a perfect go-between:

  • They equally support their team and you. That means they will fight for something that you want that might initially seem unachievable.
  • They are solution-driven – if your project hits a roadblock, they will use a mix of analytical and creative thinking to find you a solution that suits both you and their team.
  • They will also explain reasonably and rationally why you may not be able to achieve something within your current budget and timeline and find a happy medium that suits you and your situation now, with a plan for the future.
  • They make big projects – that might usually cause stress – a pleasure to work on.

How fast can you turn workaround?

This very much depends on you, your project, and its complexity. For larger projects like websites, we create a suggested timeline with set dates approved on both sides. These include target dates for you to reach and for us to meet. Although our project manager is a stickler for a timeline, if we don’t have your website content by the agreed cut-off date we can’t complete your site at the suggested launch date!

Here are some rough timeframes to get you started:

Brand Identity Creation – It does vary depending on your vision and how quickly you respond to our design process, but a ballpark would be 4-6 weeks to complete and deliver your new brand identity.

Web Design – for a standard Marketing site – Our standard timeframe is between 4 – 8 weeks to complete and deliver your website (dependant on complexity).

This is from start to launch (and a party!) and does require you to provide timely feedback and send all your content to us on time.

Web Design – with additional functionality and features – If you are looking for something super fancy or technical, we will create a bespoke timeframe for you as we’ll need some research time first. We love a good challenge! Bring it on!

Ecommerce Website Design – Roughly 8 – 12 weeks depending on your target market and any additional functionality you might require.

Events – the longer we have the brief the better but have been known to turn large events around in 4 weeks before! Digital Marketing is a journey we go on with our partners and while we turn ideas into reality in 24hours this is a 12-24 month commitment on both sides.

How do you track your time?

We monitor our time in Everhour, which links with our project management tool, Asana.
This is just for our internal monitoring and reporting as we do not sell time for money – we sell outcomes and value.


What’s in a name?

Naming tends to involve that all-exciting ‘eureka!’ moment. Whether you’re a marketing director looking to name a suite of product or a company owner looking for a distinctive, available (we’ll come on to that) and memorable moniker, we can help!

The rule of thumb for a brilliant name is to keep it short and pronounceable. You’ll also want assurance that you’re not insulting somebody in their language – yes, really, this does happen! 

Names should be so memorable you can physically ‘feel’ them – they are tangible and conjure up a personality, whether they are spoken aloud or typed into a search engine. Family names (for example, Drew + Rose, which was inspired by our founders’ wonderful grandparents) are often a great place to start. These names tell a story, illuminate your values, and can inspire a sense of family and dependability.

However, simply naming a company after yourself can limit your growth and suggest that you are more ‘sole trader’, less ‘growing brand’. But that’s not to say it can’t work – this is where a strong visual brand and compelling messaging can elevate your name. 

Can you help me name my company?

We absolutely can, and we will not settle until we’ve hit the right tone, name (or names) and double-checked its availability.­

We have designed a tried-and-tested process for generating multiple name options. We offer a selection of fact-finding discovery workshops to our clients and are always happy to show our thought processes. We are very protective of the naming workshop; it’s the magic spell, and as per the magic circle, we cannot reveal our approach.

How do I research company names and availability?

Our due diligence involves carrying out four core searches:

  1. Google (obvious but sometimes overlooked!)
  2. Social media handles
  3. Website URLs
  4. Companies House

What is Companies House?

Companies House is where registered companies are publicly recorded, specifying their trading status and business structure. 

If we discover an active business with a very similar name to your idea during the naming process, we’ll suggest going back to the drawing board. Don’t panic, though – we will help you find a name that does not compromise the growth of your business.

What is a logo?

A logo is a visual representation of your product and/or service.

What makes a good brand?

A good brand connects your customer’s heart and head. 

A good brand tells a story.

A good brand retains the team.

A good brand is memorable.

A good brand makes you smile.

A good brand gets copied.

A great brand touches all of your senses: sound, touch, scent, taste and sight.

How do I choose a design agency?

There’s no hard and fast rule. At Drew + Rose, we say that we’re perfect for many and not quite right for some.

The right choice depends on a balance of personality, quality, and cost. We strongly believe that we deliver all three; however, we believe you should be the judge of that. Ultimately, go with your gut feeling. It’s quite the journey, and you need an agency that you trust and believe!

We have competitors: SpinThe Champion AgencyNever Bland and Ragged Edge, to name but a few. Please feel free to reach out to them and compare like-for-like.

And if you do like the sound of us, we hope you’ll be as excited to join the Drew + Rose family as we will be to welcome you!

What files will I receive?

You’ll receive a ‘toolkit’ of your final logo (jpegs, pngs, and vectors) plus brand guidelines including colour palette, typography, and image style.

How do I trademark my brand?

Once the naming due diligence is complete and successful, we strongly advise that you trademark your brand. You can do this here: www.gov.uk/how-to-register-a-trade-mark

However, be mindful that the results can seem complicated, which is why we suggest that you discuss your brands’ protection with our preferred Trademark Advisor, Stephen Carter

How many iterations are included in the cost?

Thanks to our experience, well-honed brief process, and amazingly talented team, we often hit the mark straight off the bat! As standard, we include the initial design +1 set of design revisions, 1 set of minor amends, and 2 sets of text iterations. Further changes are charged at your hourly studio rate.

Do you share the open files?

Our terms mean that we hold the open-source files on our secure server. We design using professional packages such as InDesign. Sharing open-source files can be timely and often confusing, as you won’t be able to open them. However, we don’t hold the intellectual property of the creative once you’ve settled the invoice, and therefore we can share open-source files if you need them.

Where is my artwork saved? Will I have access?

We keep everything safely stored and labelled on our secure server, ready for the next design job you need. You won’t automatically have access, we suggest you save the files we email to you safely on your side, but we can share when requested.

What’s the approval process?

We send you a pdf to view while work is in progress. We won’t send ‘artwork ready for production’ files or push live unless you are completely happy and we receive approval via email. Nothing will ever go to print without your final approval.

Do you offer print management?

We certainly do! We have a wide range of trusted suppliers and can help with the whole process. From design layouts and suggestions of products and finishes to make your products pop to quotes and print-ready files. We even offer onsite installation for signage.


What makes a good website?

A good website must be fast, sleek, easy to use, accessible to everyone, mobile optimised and easy to update.

We’re not satisfied with ‘good’, and we think a website should be BRILLIANT. Here’s what we aim for:

  • Interactive and sparks imagination
  • Reflects your business personality and values
  • A carefully considered user journey that delights all of your user groups 
  • Super easy to update with content allowing you to take the reins and grow your website
  • Scalable (clients often come to us as their website is no longer fit for purpose)
  • Saves their owners time and money 
  • Builds trust and guides visitors to take action
  • SEO optimised 
  • Clear call to actions allowing the sales process to flourish

What is UX/UI?

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are the main focuses of digital design today. Often confused, these two areas of design are closely related to each other and cover many different fields and processes. UX, or Digital Product Design, is concerned with what we are trying to achieve or solve, with a focus on interactions. UI, or Visual Design, is focused on tools and the look of the design.
Click here to find out more

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source platform for building websites. It is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP that uses a MySQL database on a more technical level. WordPress is the most user-friendly and efficient blogging and website-building platform available today.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular and widely supported CMS in the world, nearly 40% of all sites use it. It works from the smallest site to the biggest sites, getting hundreds of thousands of visitors.

WordPress is built to scale.

WordPress has many of the account/profile features you will need as standard, so no time is wasted building these basic features. It is fabulously scalable which means it is easy and cost-effective to update and upgrade. It will grow with your business.

WordPress as a submodule

Drew + Rose uses WordPress as a submodule. This sounds complicated but gives your site some great advantages. Having WordPress as a submodule means the core WordPress files are kept separate from Drew + Rose’s custom work. This means WordPress can be updated separately without affecting the site theme and allows WordPress updates to be tracked and rolled back if necessary. It is also very important in the event of Malware. Malware normally targets core WordPress files. WordPress as a submodule can be removed more easily than a standard installation where all the code is mixed.


All Drew + Rose custom WordPress sites use Bitbucket. Bitbucket is one of the best version control services available. This means all code changes to the theme/plugins are tracked, allowing the code to be managed or rolled back in the event something goes wrong.

Can I update my site?

You will have full access and website logins so you can edit the site to the full extent of your WordPress knowledge! There are amazing online WordPress resources if you want to upskill, or – knowing how busy you probably are – we can help at our standard hourly rate. Even better, ask about our monthly maintenance packages please email enquiries@drewandrose.com.

Will the site belong to me?

Yes, the website and all code will be yours once the project is done. Unlike a website building service like Wix or Squarespace, you are not just renting the site from us. This means you will have total control of your new website.

What is a responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a web development technique that allows a website’s design to vary dynamically according to the screen size and orientation of the device that is being used to view it. This means it looks fabulous whether it is viewed on a desktop, mobile, or laptop.

Questions about website security

Even with an excellent and reliable platform like WordPress, it’s vital to take maintenance and security seriously, especially for an eCommerce site. These are generally targeted by bad actors far more frequently than standard marketing websites. Sadly, malware and site attacks are a real threat and not something to be ignored. The good news is, with our years of experience in building and managing WordPress sites, we have created some guidelines for you to follow.

Minimum security:

Hosting: it is very important when choosing a hosting provider to enquire about their security practices. We recommend SiteGround which has a great track record and offers tools to help keep everything secure.

SiteGround site scanner: if you purchase SiteGround hosting please also purchase the additional Sitescanner add-on. This is very helpful for keeping an eye on the files on your site and reporting if anything looks suspicious.

Site backups: make sure your hosting provider offers a backup service. Siteground includes one in all packages. Backups are very important in case something happens and you need to recover the site code or the database. For eCommerce sites, we recommend extra backup options which we will discuss further below.

SSL certificates: These are a minimum requirement to protect a site. SiteGround hosting includes a free certificate, but we recommend a paid level for high-value or eCommerce sites.

WordPress and plugin updates: Keeping WordPress and all your plugins up to date is very important. This is why we offer ongoing support packages to include this. Our support packages are ideal for this as we also include a staging version of the site. This means that we test any updates on the staging site to check they are working correctly and do not break any code. We would never recommend applying updates directly to a live site without testing.

Website admin: We also advise keeping the admin accounts on the site to the absolute minimum. All passwords for the site or hosting related should be generated from a password manager.

Avoid adding any new plugins to the site if possible. The more you add, the more there are to be updated and the more risks there are to the site. If you do add plugins, only use well-established and reviewed providers.

If you would like to know more about advanced security, please email us: enquiries@drewandrose.com

What is copy / copywriting?

Copy is the written content that you supply to create your sales assets, digital marketing assets or website design. Good copywriting is an art. It captures people’s imagination with attention-grabbing headlines and questions, draws them in by telling your story in the right tone of voice for your specific business and industry, and prompts them to take the desired action, whether that’s to pick up the phone, make a purchase or engage with a campaign.
We include copywriting in all our packages. We ask you to supply key points or basic copies that we can enhance for you.

How do I add keywords to my website?

We would suggest an SEO audit with our fabulous expert, Henry. He will talk you through competitor research, how to find the right keywords and – more importantly – where to put them. It is one of those jobs best left to an expert and, luckily, we have one of the best!

We will never take on a new SEO client if we don’t think we can make a serious difference. Rest assured, we will do our research first! Email us at enquiries@drewandrose.com for an initial (free) introduction including your website domain. (www.mywebsite.co.uk)

Can I get support once the website is live?

We are proud to be continuous champions of our partners; your success is our success. Part of that success is a well-maintained website that you’re completely confident using, so we offer all our partners a selection of monthly support packages once their site is live. These packages will provide you with ongoing technical support and advice. Email us to request more information about our ongoing support packages: enquiries@drewandrose.com

Why doesn’t my website look the same on my computer?

Each browser renders websites slightly differently. If you think something seems wrong with your website, please take a screenshot and upload this to your bug list provided by your account manager, including the name of the browser you are using. To find out what browser you are using, you can use this site: What is my browser

Why does this image appear different when I resize my screen?

Images on websites can either be ‘contained’ in a box or ‘covered’ in it. When an image is contained within a box and the ratio is not the same, the image will appear with white space on the left or right. If an image is covered and the image ratio is different, the image may appear cut off. Typically, this will result in the sides or top/bottom appearing cut off. We can advise you on the sizes and ratios you should be uploading your images.

Where do I log into my website?


If your website is built using WordPress, you can access the backend in the following way:

Login to the dashboard with your website admin domain. We will have emailed this to you at launch, and it will look something like: (http://www.thisisanexample.com/wp/wp-admin)

Enter the username and password that we supplied you. Click the house icon in the top left of the black bar to go to the home page.

NB: During development, to view progress, the URL will be https://qa.drewandrose.com/yourcompanyname/wp/wp-admin/


If your website is built using Shopify, all you will need to do is to enter the password when you see the Coming Soon page. There will be a button that says enter with the password.

Go to the temporary URL which will look something like (https://yourcompanyname.myshopify.com)
Press enter using a password.

Once the site has been moved to your domain, go to www.yourdomain.com/admin to access the Shopify admin dashboard. Then enter the Shopify username and password that we gave you.

What happens if I have an issue with my site?

If you have a web maintenance package, you’ll just need to drop us an email with the issue and we will look into it straight away for you.

If you don’t have a web maintenance package in place, then we will investigate the issue for you and report back. If it is an error on our part, there will be no charge to fix this for you. If it is caused by either a user error (oops!) or lack of maintenance or security, we will let you know the cost of fixing the issue, including our investigation time. This will be charged at your hourly studio rate.

What is a domain?

A domain is a URL that people will use to access your website e.g. www.mywebsite.co.uk. Domains can be purchased from a variety of providers. This is separate from hosting.

Is a domain included?

We will ask that you purchase the domain yourself. That way you have full control and ownership over it. We recommend 123-reg.com to our clients.

How do I find my domain login?

You can log in to your account with the company who you purchased your domain with. You should have received an email with your account login information shortly after purchasing your domain. If you can’t find the original email, you can contact the provider’s customer care team to request your login details. If you want to make any changes to your domain:

Step 1

Click on the link for Domains or Domain Management.

Step 2

Click on the domain you want to access. If you have several on the same account, all of them will be shown. A toolbar or a list of links for all of the tools and functionality (redirect, forward, set the nameservers, etc.) will be listed there. Click on the right link or icon for what you want to do with the domain.

If someone else purchased your domain for you, or you can’t find the email with your confirmation or remember who you originally signed up with, you can usually find your registration details here: whois

What is website hosting?

It is when a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website’s files to be stored.

Do I need hosting?

Yes, you will need hosting. This is where all the website code will be stored.

What is the best hosting package?

Trust us – we’ve tried and tested multiple hosting providers before hitting on a favourite. Here’s why we recommend SiteGround:

  • Excellent uptime so you won’t have to worry about the site being down
  • Excellent built-in security
  • Daily backups included – even in the worst case, you know your content is safe
  • Built-in caching service which makes sure your site is as fast as possible
  • Free SSL included, which is an extra charge in other hosting providers
  • Support is some of the best there is! They respond quickly and go above and beyond to help.

We can recommend the package that you select based on your website’s size. Also, if you have a promotion coming up and know your site will get a lot of traffic, we can increase the package to ensure your website stands firm.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate authenticates a website so that people know you are who you say you are. You will recognise it is in place by the little padlock icon at the top left of the domain. SSL certificates are very important. Especially so if your website takes any user information, particularly credit card details. There are many ways to obtain an SSL certificate and we can walk you through the options to see which one works best for your website.

What is a privacy policy and why do I need one?

A privacy policy is a document that explains how a business or organisation handles any data it collects, such as visitor names and IP addresses, personal home addresses, credit card numbers, and more.

In a nutshell, you’ll need one for legal reasons, as you are required to disclose your policies for protecting your customers’ and visitors’ personal information. As this is a legal document, we can’t help you with the content itself. You can take professional legal advice or source the content and edit it to match your own company policies which we can add to the site for you. There are templates available online.

What is a cookie policy and why do I need one?

If your website has visitors from the United Kingdom or the European Union, you must comply with UK and EU legislation, including GDPR. The Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) may penalise you or take other legal action if your website isn’t compliant.

Currently, by law, you must inform users which cookies are on your site, what data they collect, and how that data is used. You must also provide them with the choice to consent or opt out of cookies before they are implemented.  We can help provide information on the cookies used on your site to add to your policy.

In a nutshell, you’ll need one for legal reasons, as you are required to disclose your policies for protecting your customers’ and visitors’ personal information. As this is a legal document, we can’t help you with the content itself. You can take professional legal advice or source the content and edit it to match your own company policies which we can add to the site for you. There are templates available online.

Wondering how
much it costs?

Visit our pricing page