What does the sale of Twitter mean for marketers?

On April 14 2022, Elon Musk offered to purchase social media giant, Twitter, for $44 billion. But what does Elon want to do with Twitter? We look at 3 things that he plans to introduce, and what they could mean for the future of the platform, and for marketers…  

1. Promote free speech

What does that mean for marketers?  

Deregulation of some of Twitter’s policies, such as the hateful conduct policy. Policies would resemble the First Amendment from the American constitution.  

2. Open-source access to the Twitter algorithm

What does that mean for marketers?  

An ability to inspect and improve marketing content based on the algorithm. Revealing Twitter’s algorithm might show that the platform promotes certain types of content over others. It has a potential to be a really interesting experiment.

3. A cost to commercial/government users

What does that mean for marketers?  

A possible barrier to growing a brand organically on this platform. For commercial users, maintaining their presence would be by “pumping money to the platform”.