Drew + Rose team spotlight - Kate

Drew & Rose team spotlight – Kate 

Hi, I’m Kate, the Project Manager at Drew + Rose. I keep our projects on track and, as the main point of contact for our partners, I help to keep them informed, supported and happy through their project journey.

What’s been your journey of getting to where you are now?

I started life as a textile designer, I love pattern and texture. I quickly moved into screen printing as my specialism which led to my own t-shirt label. I was selling my designs at boutique markets and festivals.

It was a natural ish progression from there to opening my own print and merchandise store in East London. We owned one of the first direct to garment printers (which constantly broke!). The business soon evolved into a more traditional design agency, encompassing graphic design, logos, and websites. 

After 12 years, at the start of lockdown, I sold my business and joined the Drew London family which has since merged to Drew + Rose!  

Tell us about an exciting project you’ve worked on. What did you love. about it, and what were the outcomes? 

Eden in the City is a vertical farming start-up in the fresh produce sector. I was immediately impressed by the owner’s passion and the innovative FarmTech they use to grows fresh and flavourful salads and herbs. It was so interesting to discover that they used 80% less water than normal farming techniques. No chemicals are used at any stage of the process which means the produce from Eden is clean and more organic than even organic certified produce. 

We helped to create a logo, brand Identity and an investment deck so that they could continue to grow and develop.  

What is the most magical thing about working at Drew + Rose? 

Working with such a friendly, talented creative team.

How is project management important for brands? 

A great project manager is a perfect go-between, supporting their team and yours equally. They will fight for something you want that might initially seem unachievable. They are solution-driven; if your project hits a roadblock, a project manager will use a mix of analytical and creative thinking to find you a solution.  

If you’re not able to achieve something within your current budget and timeline, they will reasonably and rationally explain why. They’ll find a happy medium that suits you and your situation now, with a plan for the future. Good project management makes big, potentially stressful, projects a pleasure to work on. 

What advice would give to someone looking to get into project management? 

If you enjoy fast paced, energetic and rewarding work then this is potentially the role for you. I entered this role from managing my own agency and projects which gave me a wealth of knowledge in the creative sector. Once you learn the principles of Project management, you can apply the same to any industry which gives you a lot of opportunity and flexibility.  

Share a moment you’ll never forget 

Before I opened my first business, I travelled for a year which gave me so many memorable moments. One that really stands out is bungee jumping off Ben Nevis in New Zealand. It’s the second biggest bungee in the world and is possibly one of the most hideous and terrifying things I have ever done in my life – the video’s quite impressive though!   

Tell us about a connection that’s stuck with you 

One of my favourite people is one of the lovely, talented designers who worked for me in the print store. We hit it off from the first moment she bribed me with cake in her interview! We worked together for a couple of intense and fun-filled years and, by the end, we shared a brain and regularly answered each other’s incomplete thoughts and sentences so anyone listening only got half of the convo.  

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to?

I tend to overfill my down time; I want to do everything and I find it hard to switch off and sit still. You’ll usually find me running between events, from breakfast to lunch to dinner – food is very important! – or frantically changing for the next outdoor swim, walk, gym session or bike ride. This year’s new hobby is paddleboarding.