Followers vs email sign-ups – which has more value for your brand?

To make sure our partners are getting the most value from marketing, we’re constantly analysing data and tweaking targeting to optimise results.

We’re asking things like: What’s working best? What would work better? What is adding most value?  

When we asked this question – Which is more valuable for your brand – a follower or an email sign-up? – it divided opinion and sparked huge debate amongst the team. 

 So, we delved into the numbers and Team Email Sign-Up and Team Follower battled it out. Here are a few key stats… 

Team Follower

Social media recently overtook paid search as an advertising channel, growing 25% year on year. 

The average adult spends 95 minutes a day on social. In that time, they’re engaged with the platform. 

 Email may be lost in junk/spam (22% of emails end up there!) 

With email, you perhaps have 1-4 opportunities to get your something in front of someone each month. But with social, can post a couple of times a day without annoying your followers.  

There is more opportunity for your messages to be seen, in smaller, bitesize pieces. 

It is likely your posts will be seen by people outside your circle of followers, allowing more people to discover your brand. 

Team Email

With ever-changing algorithms, you’re at the mercy of social platforms allowing you to talk to your customers. This is not the case with email! 

 With an email sign up, you own the data and have flexibility with how you use it. 

Over 80% of people will open a welcome email from a company – 40 times more than the % of Facebook fans you can reach with a post.  

78% of emails will land in someone’s inbox and an average adult will check their email every day. 

If your audience doesn’t open or interact with an email, you know your message isn’t resonating. Whereas with social, so many aspects can affect if your message is being seen, including time of post, platform algorithms etc. 

For every $1 spent on email marketing, there is the opportunity to earn $42. 

The verdict

There’s a case for each and our CEO Charlotte and Digital Account Executive Adriana argue it out in our latest Marketing Insights podcast.   

 Listen, join the debate, and let us know which side you’re on…