Remarkable remarketing

Remarkable remarketing – How AI gives you the power to personalise like never before

With retargeted visitors being 70% more likely to convert on a website than those not retargeted, any effective communications strategy already has this marketing tool in their arsenal. But, only by incorporating AI, can you transform remarketing from just hitting the mark to remarkable.  

Here’s how AI elevates remarketing to get real results and conversions… 

 1. Personalises messaging for increased engagement  

AI algorithms can analyse vast amounts of customer data to segment audiences based on their specific behaviours, preferences, and demographics. Once identified, marketeers can tailor remarketing campaigns to target the right individuals with bespoke content for them. 

Personalised ads have been found to drive higher conversion rates, as ads that are specifically tailored to the user’s unique interests and needs are more likely to garner a response. 

Experts recommend allocating between 10-40% of budget to retargeting for optimum impact. 

2. Increases brand awareness + exposes users to entire offering

Remarketing enables brands to reinforce their messaging and brand identity to potential and current customers, and AI enhances the likelihood of the messaging resonating with the intended consumers. 

AI allows marketeers to design and deliver consistent and cohesive messaging through remarketing ads. The result is their positioning and key values are solidified in the minds of users, reinforcing brand recognition and awareness. 

Using the power of AI, you can segment not just what a user is exposed to, but where and when a user is most likely to interact with specific content. 

FUN FACT: Did you know that it takes an average of 12 digital touchpoints to make a sale? 

3. Brings ‘lost’ users back into the funnel  

46% of marketers believe retargeting is the most underused online marketing tactic – and they’re not wrong. Remarketing is an effective way of cross-selling or up-selling products and services to existing customers, and AI optimises the chances of the sell resonating.  

By using the vast capacities of AI to analyse past purchases or browsing behaviour, remarketing can showcase complementary or upgraded offerings to customers, encouraging them to return and make additional purchases.  

This strategy is effective cross-sector, as consolidated by the fact that retargeting can increase conversion rates up by 10% across industries.

Finding the sweet spot 

Any seasoned marketeer will know that inundating your consumer with content will not get you anywhere, but, on the flipside, you don’t want to miss the boat by not getting the right exposure to your intended audience. So where do you draw the line between overexposure and missed opportunity? According to ReTargeter, the sweet spot lies between 17-20 retargeting ads per-user per-month. By aiming for this ballpark amount, you’ll avoid conjuring up negative associations through brand overexposure, and increase the likelihood of engagement and conversion… 

…. elevating your remarketing to remarkable!