We’re an events agency that brings your brand to life

We’re an events agency based in central London, working with local and global brands. We make magical moments and connections for our partners and work with everyone from small start-up brands to big household names.

In real life events

Our In Real Life Team cover events, experiential, creative campaigns, and video production. Our brilliant team of producers, camera ops and creatives will work with you to create an exciting event for your brand. From talks and demos to launch parties and promotional activity, this talented bunch have done it all!

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What we do

Although a well-run event will seem effortless, there’s a lot of planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. We start with ideation where we’ll come up with a creative concept that fits with your brand and will appeal to your audience. We then plan the structure and format of the event – a corporate event will have a very different feel to a pop-up, for example. We handle all aspects of event production and management, from finding the right space, designing any assets needed – such as invitations and event branding – and running the event on the day.

We can also capture footage from the event to create video content for you to use across your digital channels. This is a great way to have a record of the event and to share the highlights with anyone who was unable to attend.

The importance of branded events

If you’re wondering whether your event needs branding, these stats might sway you!

As a result of thoughtful event branding, 91% of people have positive feelings about a brand after joining events.

Consistent brand presentation has been seen to increase revenue by 33%.*

Creating memorable experiences is extremely important for your brand, but these experiences don’t happen at random – thorough planning and preparation is required.

“Events bring your brand to life and allow your audience to immerse themselves in your brand! Engaging all senses at every level is key! Give people some to remember by tantalising their senses – use a combination of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch to enhance their experience.”

Emma, Senior Producer

Corporate events

We have a track record of producing sensational corporate events. As well as creating the launch event for our partner, Ali PSG, we interviewed guests and captured the feel of the event to produce this video for them.

Experiential events

We love creating experiential events to entertain your audience and get them engaged with your brand. For Candy Crush, we created an interactive board game café to promote their range of board games. From themed food and drink to nostalgic, childhood activities, find out how we brought the virtual world of Candy Crush to life across a four-storey pop-up in Soho.

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More than an events agency

As well as being an outstanding events agency, we also provide a full creative and digital service. Our Offline Team specialise in creating beautiful brands and will work with you to build your brand offline. Our Online Team are experts in digital marketing journeys – they will engage the right audience with your brand to increase conversions online and get you the results you need.

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Bring my brand to life!

If you’re looking for an events agency to bring your brand to life, please contact us. We’d love to produce an exceptional event for you!

How much does event management cost?

Event agencies prices differ depending on the size and type of event.

It is often found that the agency will charge 10-20% of all production costs plus an event fee.

We take into consideration strategy and creative input, time needed on the development and planning of the event, plus the event build and breakdown.

Other impacts to budget is specialist production like pyrotechnics etc.

For small corporate events ofter start from £8000 budget. Team away trips and days out start from £250 per head. Brand experiential starts from £15000. Consumer events / brand consumer events start from £25,000.

Wondering how
much it costs?

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