QEOP follower growth campaign


The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park aimed to increase its social media following by 45,000 new followers across its Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok channels over a six-month period.


To achieve this, we ran competitions, boosted content, and created engaging content. We learned that higher-priced and unique experiences bring in more followers and better engagements. Advertisements need to be set up for engagement rather than followers. Boosted posts need to have consumer-led messaging, and content needs to be uploaded consistently to encourage organic engagement.

TikTok was a new social channel, and we achieved follower growth by boosting content and producing content series based on ‘Things to do on the Park’ that appealed to relevant hashtags. As a result, we exceeded our target with 40,189 new followers in six months.



Over 40k new followers across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Tiktok


The average CPF achieved across all channels was £0.75p


TikTok’s boosted content and ads drive 4,582% growth, taking follower count from 6 to 27.5k