GreenZone Campaign


We continue our successful partnership with GreenZone into year 5, in which we have developed the brand by building a new website and creating two inbound marketing funnels that are now delivering qualified leads month-after-month. We have bridged the gap between sales and marketing for GreenZone, overcoming the challenge of creating engagement without producing real, tangible results.


We reached over 10,000 impressions within GreenZone’s target audience every week, after sharing the campaign across organic social, paid social on Google Ads, Microsoft Search Ads and PPC.

After refreshing the messaging with our ‘Turn Over a New Leaf’ campaign, we delivered an average engagement rate of 7%, which is double the industry standard of 3.5%.

We’re delighted to report that our campaign achieved a fantastic 7.3% click through rate on search ads.


In the last 3 months we have:


Brought in 39 qualified leads


Increased the following of the company LinkedIn profile by 54%


Increased the interaction on their company LinkedIn page by 362%