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Are you looking for a branding agency to create or refresh your brand?

As a branding agency, we provide everything from brand creation to activation. We ensure that your brand is strong and consistent offline, online, and in real life. We’re based in London but create and deliver exceptional work for global brands.

Why do I need a branding agency?

Branding is so important for your business! Our Designer, Shanshan, explains:

If your business was a building, branding would be the façade. First impressions of your business come from people looking at your branding. Are you corporate or playful? Old fashioned or metaverse style? Eco-friendly or data science driven? All of this is implied by your colour palette, imagery, shapes, typography…having the correct branding is crucial for your business and a branding agency will make sure you get this right.

Our branding process

The process starts with our Offline Team where our brilliant designers, creatives and copywriters will create you a brand from scratch, or work with you to update and refresh your existing brand.

Our fantastic project manager will discuss your needs – do you have a brand already? Do you need a rebrand or a refresh?

Brand creation includes building a logo, colour palette, fonts, shapes, image style, brand guidelines, tone of voice, mission, vision, and values. If you are fundamentally happy with your existing brand, we will review your assets and suggest ways that your brand could be refreshed. Our team will work with you to update your existing brand, perhaps by refreshing your font or colour palette, or by developing and refining your logo and assets. As a skilled branding agency, we will do what it takes to improve your brand to ensure it will connect with your target audience.

When your brand identity is finalised, we will design the assets that you need. These could be digital or printed, such as a website or brochure.

View examples of our offline work.

Beyond the branding process

When you are happy with your new brand and assets, we recommend that you work with our Online Team to maximise your presence online. Made up of designers, developers and digital specialists, the aim for our Online Team is to help you engage the right audience, maximise conversions, and turn your customers into brand advocates.

We will plan your digital marketing journey and create all the assets you need at each stage, including organic and paid social, PPC, landing pages, remarketing, and email nurturing.

View examples of our online work.

Unlike some other branding agencies, we bring your brand to life in the real world too. Our In Real Life Team do everything from creative campaigns and video production to exciting events and experiential activity. Whatever you need, we will make it happen!

View examples of our in real life work.

We go beyond

Yes, we’re a branding agency, but we also do what it takes to get your brand where it needs to be. From digital marketing journeys to creative campaigns, find out more about what we do.

Whichever service you need, having a strong brand is fundamental. If you’re looking for a branding agency to build your brand from scratch or provide a rebrand or refresh, please get in touch – we’d love to help.

How much does branding cost?

Branding can have a range of options depending of the level of agency or freelancer that you work with. Freelancers will always be cheaper but often delays in delivery and only one person thinking, creating and delivering. Branding projects start at £8000 for a brand re-fresh and ranges to over £25,000 for complete brand creation.

Brand Development £8,000

You have a logo, name and colours that you love, and want us to bring it to life with sales and marketing assets.

Brand Re-fresh £12,000

You love your logo and name but want to add a bit of magic to the rest.

Brand Creation £15,000

You have a name and you want us to create everything else. Brand creation including naming with UK checks is £19,000.

Wondering how
much it costs?

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