About us

We’re a close-knit team of designers, creatives and digital experts. We believe in making money and doing good – and we work with partners who believe in these things too.

We don’t like to hang around. We turn things around quickly, accurately, and will keep moving you forward. Whether it’s a big campaign idea, a rebrand, or mapping out your marketing journey, we push for brilliance every step of the way.

Kate Lewis
Project Manager

Emma Cain
Senior Producer

Tracy Howl

Adriana Wertheimer
Digital Account Executive

Jessica Wakefield
Creative Copywriter

Alex Loughlin
Senior Developer

Alessio Maccuro

Jack Hoad
Junior Developer

Shanshan Liu

Toby Robson
Junior Designer

Cameron Oakley
Midweight Designer

Office Manager

Our purpose


Even magic needs purpose and outcomes, not fluffy marketing

What we do

We’re a creative digital and events agency that makes moments and connections.

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We build partnerships with our clients (lovingly known as partners) and deliver outcomes not activities.

Our Values

We LIBERATE our people and partners to grow to be the best version of themselves.

We’re INQUISITIVE, always learning
and educating.

BRILLIANCE, because great is never enough.

BEYOND. Partnerships, not projects.

Our Story

Live Consultancy was a digital and events agency that brought online and in real life together, making moments and connections all around the world.

Live focused on outcomes, not activities, to break the spiral of the agency model, and supported sales teams through outcome-based digital marketing. Over the first 6 years, Live made moments and connections for Candy Crush, Estée Lauder Companies, QVC, Olympia, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and more.

Drew London was founded in 2005 by Elle Moss, who was empowered by her grandfather to take chances with her creativity.

Launched in the very heart of Brixton, South London, supporting the vibrance of the Lambeth borough is embedded into the very roots of the business. Elle trained in brand strategy over 25 years ago. She effortlessly delivered stunning identities to a range of clients for over 17 years – M&G, Lambeth Council and Emmy London to name a few – always springboarding of the tried and tested (hundreds of times) process.

Our culture, value and services fit together so naturally so, in March 2022, we made the decision to join forces.

Bringing two agencies together, we’ve strengthened our offering and continue to deliver brilliance for our partners.

Major George and Mavis Drew

Both Charlotte and Elle were deeply inspired by their grandparents and wanted their legacy, and the values they instilled in them, to live on.

Andrew and Rose Williamson

Both Charlotte and Elle were deeply inspired by their grandparents and wanted their legacy, and the values they instilled in them, to live on.

Major George and Mavis Drew
Andrew and Rose Williamson

So they named it

The + represents the bold strength instilled in them and the power of the combination, designed like a star to represent the magic of Live and Drew London joining forces.

Wondering how
much it costs?

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