Drew & Rose team spotlight – Eleanor
Drew & Rose team spotlight – Eleanor

Drew & Rose team spotlight – Eleanor

Hi! I’m Eleanor, the resident snack addict and Creative Copywriter at Drew + Rose. 

What’s been your journey of getting to where you are now?  

I did a degree in Textile Design and sort of fell into the world of creative marketing… I worked at Magpie, creating behaviour change campaigns and delivering meaningful marketing for the best part of a decade, then joined Live (now Drew + Rose) during the pandemic. I’ve been here for about a year and a half now, ideating and writing words for our partners.  

Tell us about an exciting project you’ve worked on. What did you love about it, and what were the outcomes?  

One of the projects I loved the most was developing the SpartanPac brand. They manufacture food delivery bags, and I had a lot of fun creating a playful tone of voice and coming up with food puns! 

What is the most magical thing about working at Drew + Rose?  

Definitely the team – I’m lucky to be surrounded by an inspiring, creative and supportive bunch of people. 

What advice would give to someone looking to become a copywriter?  

Read! I definitely don’t do this as much as I should but it’s probably the best way to understand words and experience different writing styles. If you’re not a fan of fiction, fine – pick up a flyer, glance at a billboard or pay attention the back of a cereal box. Clever copy can be found anywhere.  

Also, I think there’s a lot to be said for taking a walk, being out in the world, seeing and experiencing things and letting your mind wander… 

Share a moment you’ll never forget  

Every single second of every single Glastonbury. Visiting Cuba – the first ‘proper’ holiday with my boyfriend. Jumping out of a plane doing a charity skydive; it was the most surreal feeling and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.   

Tell us about a connection that’s stuck with you  

Ooh, tricky…I’m quite a sticky person, so tend to stick with people for a long time!  

One sticky connection is a close friend who I met at Glastonbury. We clicked instantly, then we’d see each other every year, for just 5 days at a time. But it was like no time had passed at all. We live at opposite ends of the country but see each other more often now.

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to?  

I want to say that I spend my time doing yoga, being zen, and growing my own veg. In reality, I do a bit of running, share a very small allotment with a group of friends and spend a lot of time at festivals and in beer gardens (in summer) and hiding under a duvet with my knitting (in winter). I like to cook (and eat), visit exciting places, and am trying to learn Spanish. I also make jewellery, but that’s another story.