Adobe Firefly - Sparking Rapid Creativity

Adobe Firefly: Sparking Rapid Creativity

It’s been over a month since Adobe Firefly spread its wings and took flight. The AI platform was promised to be a game changer for creatives, but have expectations been met?

Our Drew+Rose creative team have been incorporating the tool into their processes. Here’s what they have to say about how the new technology has impacted their day-to-day… 

1.) Resizing images

The ‘Generative Fill’ tool on Adobe Photoshop Beta can extend an image to be infinite. This impacts image editing within all types of marketing strategies, such as reports, branding, websites, email campaigns etc.

2.) Skyline editing

Adobe Photoshop’s ‘Sky Replacement’ tool enhances natural skylines to reflect a campaign theme. This has revolutionised social campaigns for clients, as previously it was simply not an option to entirely replace the skyline backdrop. It eliminates the need to reshoot campaigns due to unfavourable weather, saving marketing teams time and resources. 

3.) Recolouring

Adobe Illustrator enables creatives to recolour drawings in seconds, offering a selection of different styles and colour palettes to bring drawings to life. Previously when looking for a specific aesthetic, creatives would have to search for the style and reference a colour palette, which could be pretty time consuming. Now endless options are at their fingertips – without the need for endless scrolling! 

4.) Resizing images for Socials

Adobe Express has transformed a previously time-consuming and painstaking process into an easy, stress-free one . It’s able to resize images into various social platform formats in under a minute – turning a task that previously took hours into a matter of seconds. Compared to its competitors, like Canva, it also offers a highly cost-effective solution, on top of being an expeditious one!   
Firefly has transformed our team’s day-to-day for the better – not just through offering a well of creative opportunity, but also through its ability to save time and cut out unnecessary steps. Keep it coming Adobe!