Some Bing to talk about: Why it pays to use Microsoft Advertising

Some Bing to talk about: Why it pays to use Microsoft Advertising 

As a marketeer, search adverts are no doubt an integral part of your business. Excellent for reaching your target audience, increasing brand awareness, and driving traffic to websites.  

It’s likely that when you think of search adverts, Google Ads springs to mind – but why has it saturated the market (beyond the obvious, undeniable reality of Google’s goliath status)? 

In the battle of the conglomerates, Microsoft Advertising tends to get left behind in the marketing tool sweepstakes – but are we backing the wrong horse?  

Previously named Bing Ads, Microsoft Advertising is an effective platform where businesses can place ads on the Bing search engine as well as other Microsoft-owned properties. In the UK, Microsoft Advertising has around 25% of the market share, which is about 900 million searches each month – and depending on your sector, you can review demand for your product or service within the platform’s searches. 

Our results have skyrocketed since incorporating Bing into our client offering at Drew+Rose. 

43% more likely to stay longer on the landing page than users from Google Ads. This increased engagement could be attributed to a higher audience age, with Bing searchers generally being over the age of 35. However, it is also down to a simple but pertinent fact that we can’t overlook: Companies tend to use Bing as their default search engine.  

It goes beyond just engagement, it gets results. Bing has delivered our clients consistent MQLs (marketing qualified leads) in the past quarter. For one client, we have been reaching 2 – 3 MQL every week using Bing. 

Things to know about Bing: 

  • Bing ranked #32 among all other sites in the world as of March 2021 
  • There are 14.6 billion PC searches made on Bing every month. 
  • Visits to Bing lasted for 7m22s as of March 2021. 
  • 73% of global Bing users are under the age of 45. (Microsoft Advertising, 2021) 

The pay-per-click (PPC) model is a powerful advertising platform with a wide range of targeting options, ad formats, and reporting tools, to help brands reach target audiences and achieve marketing goals. 

If you’re looking to increase brand visibility, drive traffic to your website, and grow revenue – it’s not some Bing to overlook.