The takeover of short-form video

The takeover of short-form video 

Short-form video is taking over! Here are the top 4 reasons how this takeover is being recognised and rolled-out in the world of digital paid marketing…  

TikTok becomes the go-to for B2C paid campaigns  

This is down to their young audience and high engagement – TikTok has an average session length of 10.8 minutes. This traction is a huge challenging for other social platforms as they compete, head-to-head, for younger users and advertisers.  

With a predicted 755 million monthly users, TikTok is set to surpass the ad revenue of Twitter and Snapchat combined.  

TikTok has transformed the social media landscape by showing how personalised, short-form videos drive the top engagement on social platforms. Meta and Snapchat are ramping up to compete in the short-form video category by offering monetization of content to catch up with TikTok’s creator growth.   

Twitter announces they’re working on an edit button  

This will mean that amends can be made to tweets post-publishing. Twitter was the only one of the social giants not to allow post-publish editing, so making this available is big news. Soon content will be editable across all of the major social platforms. 

Ads added to “The top of the feed” on Instagram?  

Instagram reveal that they are testing this coveted spot for a new ad placement. We know that people are spending less time scrolling and more time viewing stories – is this an innovative move from Instagram? This prime placement looks to be inspired by TikTok’s ad placements where users must watch a short ad before being able to scroll on. 

Netflix are finally open to ads  

Once adamantly against advertising within their service, the streaming platform has publicly changed its mind. The popularity of short-form video content means that subscription streaming services are taking a hit. Netflix say they will look at how to incorporate advertising within the platform – is this the end of subscription streaming as we know it?