Finding the Sweet Spot

Finding the sweet spot: The best frequency for tracking numbers and making iterations in conversion marketing 

When it comes to conversion marketing, success hinges on the ability to adapt, refine, and continually optimise your strategies. To achieve maximum results, it’s crucial to strike the right balance when tracking numbers and making iterations in your marketing funnel. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the best frequency for tracking numbers and the optimal timing for iterations, whilst also delving into the two types of iterations: maintenance and rebuild. 

Weekly tracking: navigating the launch phase 

Launching a marketing funnel is like sending a ship out to sea – you’re charting unknown waters and need to maintain a vigilant watch. This is why tracking numbers on a weekly basis during the initial stages is crucial for identifying any immediate hurdles that might arise as you go live. 

During this phase, it’s recommended to focus on refining targeting parameters and campaign settings. These are smaller, more manageable adjustments that can be assessed and tweaked weekly. They help you fine-tune your approach without dramatically altering your strategy. 

However, it’s wise to exercise restraint when considering changes to your ad creatives and ad groups. Reserve these more substantial modifications for later down the line, as frequent changes here can disrupt your campaign’s stability and make it harder to gauge their impact. 

Fortnightly iterations: striking a balance   

Once your marketing funnel begins to convert consistently, the frequency of adjustments can decrease. However, this doesn’t mean you should abandon tracking altogether. The sweet spot would be to report on the numbers every two weeks to ensure that your campaign’s performance remains on track. 

It’s important to acknowledge the two types of iterations: maintenance and rebuild. 

1. Maintenance iterations 

Maintenance iterations involve smaller, daily changes that keep your campaign running smoothly. Examples include adding negative search terms in Google search ads or adjusting daily budget bids. These changes are like routine maintenance for your campaign, ensuring it stays efficient and cost-effective. Since they are minor adjustments, they can be implemented on a daily basis without causing disruption. 

2. Rebuild iterations 

Rebuild iterations are more substantial and can have a profound impact on your campaign. These iterations include changing ad creatives and creating new ad groups. Given their potential to affect your campaign on a larger scale, it’s best to schedule these rebuild iterations on a fortnightly basis. 

The reason for this is that rebuild iterations often require multiple reviews and adjustments. For example, changing ad creatives necessitates crafting new content, testing its effectiveness, and then fine-tuning it based on performance data. This process takes time and conducting it too frequently can lead to confusion and inefficiency. 

The power of one key change  

In conversion marketing, less is often more. Instead of making numerous changes across your funnel, consider the power of one key change. This approach allows you to isolate variables and accurately measure the impact of each adjustment. 

When making iterations, whether for maintenance or rebuild purposes, focus on one significant change at a time. This approach enables you to attribute any shifts in performance directly to the specific alteration you made. Over time, these incremental improvements can lead to significant gains in conversion rates and ROI. 

Final thoughts… 

To conclude, finding the best frequency for tracking numbers and making iterations in conversion marketing is a delicate balancing act. During the launch phase, weekly tracking and conservative adjustments are key, however, as your funnel matures, it’s best to shift to fortnightly iterations, balancing maintenance with more substantial rebuilds – and always remember the power of one key change. With conversion marketing, it’s often the small tweaks that lead to the big results.