The making of 10 years on

The making of 10 years on

Would you believe that it’s been a decade since London hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Games? We’ve been working with Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to create their 10-year anniversary campaign, bringing together moments and memories to celebrate the lasting legacy of London 2012. 

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Our Senior Producer, Emma, shares what it was like to create the campaign and what went on behind the scenes… 

Briefly explain the campaign in your own words… 

2022 is an incredibly special year for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as it’s been 10 years since the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics came to London. With an incredible legacy promise to create a must-visit destination jobs, homes, and world class sports and entertainment events in east London, this campaign celebrates the legacy of London 2012 and how this lives on 10 years later.  

Where did the idea for the campaign come from? 

Pass The Baton came from the idea of ‘passing it on’ – when you do a good thing this continues and has a ripple effect into the future. We wanted to tie this into something sports related, given that it’s the celebration of 10 years since the London 2012 Olympics. Pass The Baton was born. 

This also gave us a way to construct the stories we told, using ‘Then, Now, Next’ to show the continuation of this ripple effect and the significance of ‘passing it on’. 

What was the best thing about producing this campaign? 

Meeting and hearing the incredible stories of the people who run businesses, charities, and who work on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Everyone is so proud to be a part of the Olympic Legacy and the continuation of it. 

Also, discovering how beautiful Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is – there are so many beautiful plants and private gardens. I imagine (if you weren’t with a camera crew!) you would feel like you were in your own little oasis. 

Now that the campaign has launched, seeing how many people the stories are reaching, and the incredible stories that people are sharing of their own Olympic memories, is super exciting to see! 

…and the most challenging? 

Definitely the edit! But it was a fun challenge… Each person we interviewed was so interesting and passionate. They had so much to share – each story could have been a 60-minute documentary. We only had 2 minutes. 

Which is your favourite story? 

Oh, that’s a toughie! I might have to break this down…

My most memorable shoot was Bikeworks. It was my debut as camera woman – cycling around the park with the group with a GoPro at the front and back of my bike was a first, and I loved it. Even though not much of it made the final cut! I might need to polish up on my skills… 

My most memorable person was Olivia at Badu Sports – the passion they have for empowering young people through sports to encourage them to be the change makers was so inspiring. I know a lot of young people will learn a lot from them. 

The most memorable lunch was pumpkin katsu curry at Hackney Bridge. The crunch of the pumpkin! 

There’s lots of great things coming to the park over the next couple of years. We’ll be doing more filming this year, which I know is going to become great stories and I’m incredibly excited for that. 

What’s your favourite Olympic memory?

I didn’t get a chance to visit Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park during the London 2012 games, but I have learnt so much about the widespread impact it has had on east London and further afield. I will carry the memories of the past 10 years and of how incredible this project has been to work on. 

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What’s your favourite Olympic memory?  

Whether it’s from London 2012, or from a visit to Queen Elizabeth Park in the past 10 years, visit to share your memory.