Drew & Rose team spotlight - Alessio

Drew & Rose team spotlight – Alessio

Hi, I’m Alessio, a Developer at Drew + Rose. I code and build custom WordPress websites. 

What’s been your journey of getting to where you are now?  

I studied computer science in high school, and I immediately fell in love with everything related to web development. I have always been fascinated with the idea of having to build a site from scratch and give it life. After graduation, I decided to undertake a self-taught path that helped me to expand my web knowledge. I worked in Milan in a web agency for 4 years which allowed me to expand my IT knowledge and provide me with all the necessary experience. After that I decided to undertake an experience abroad by landing in Drew London and becoming a Developer at Drew + Rose. 

Tell us about an exciting project you’ve worked on. What did you love about it, and what were the outcomes?  

SugarSin is the project I am proud of. They are an award-winning confectionery store which has become globally recognized for its gourmet gummies and exceptional collection of pick ‘n’ mix. It was my first WooCommerce site developed from scratch with a custom theme. The most exciting part was contributing to the development of the Pick ‘n’ Mix configurator which allows you to create your own personalised jar where you can add all your favourite sweets. 

What is the most magical thing about working at Drew + Rose?  

The most magical thing is work with all the wonderful Drew + Rose team. Together we are sharing lots of new successes and important milestones. 

What advice would give to someone looking to get into development?  

There is no need to rush at the beginning, first it is important to start studying and practicing the code foundations with HTML and CSS. Once you have acquired the main notions you will be able to cover the whole interactive part concerning JavaScript. Online you can find a lot of learning material, you can come across entire bootcamps or just follow video tutorials. Practice is key to success. 

Share a moment you’ll never forget   

The moment I will never forget is the day I decided to move in London! It is my first experience abroad, new language to learn, new people to meet and new adventures to live. 

Tell us about a connection that’s stuck with you  

I keep excellent connections with some of my previous work teammates, we share thoughts, and we update ourselves on everything related to WordPress. 

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to?  

In my off time I like playing sports like tennis and squash, go to running and go for long walks together with my little Chihuahua, Lily. I love football and I enjoy watching the matches of my Italian favourite team Juventus. I am also a videogame lover; I like exploring the Metaverse with my Oculus Quest.