Perfect partnership; match made in Seattle

Perfect partnership; match made in Seattle 

Love knows no bounds, and neither do our partnerships! We have proudly partnered with Seattle-based, Reside Worldwide, to launch the accommodation experience company onto the global stage. 

We cherish our partnerships, they’re a marriage of minds and union of shared goals, which is why we always follow our hearts to carefully select who we partner with. Reside ticked all of our boxes – and it turned out that the feeling was mutual! 

In our first meeting, Marketing Director Kelly Murphy literally got down on one knee to us. She explained her grand gesture: 

“I proposed to Elle of Drew + Rose as we’ve not only worked together for over ten years, and I can’t imagine not working with her and the Drew + Rose team, but I also knew that our partnership would take the Reside Worldwide brand identity to fresh new heights across all of our touchpoints.” 

A strong partnership is like a successful marriage. That’s why, in our proposal decks, the emphasis is very much on “proposal” as the operative word. When we find that special person we choose to partner with, we get down on one knee and proposition them, because we know that finding your perfect partner doesn’t happen every day. 

Our approach is modelled on the longevity and sanctity of our grandparents’ – Drew + Rose – marriage. They were married for over 70 years, and the key to their success was great communication and transparency. We vowed to Reside to always be honest, proactive, and deliver outcomes. We discussed potential challenges and ironed out how we would transform their current communication strategy to launch their brand identity and messaging across the globe. 

As with any perfect match, we share the same values and goals which made taking that leap of faith a no-brainer – here’s to a long and happy union! 

Are you ready for a lasting partnership? 

If, like us, you’re not focused on the honeymoon period (sales and onboarding), and care more about building an outcome-based, meaningful partnership that lasts – let’s take a vow? 

Our Vows (contract): 

  • We vow to deliver outcomes, be proactive, and be honest. 
  • We vow to provide in-real-time mapping and tracking of your journey and always focus on actions that drive outcomes. 
  • We vow to always deliver excellent work – because great is never enough! 
  • We ask you to commit to a set weekly/bi-weekly meeting (depending on your package) to ensure momentum and regular communication. 
  • We ask you to lean into the partnership, always keep us up to date with what is going on in the business and share ideas around content. 
  • We ask you to respect the process and remember the timelines. We set 12/24/36 month contracts as online conversions don’t happen in 3 months. 

We’re committed partners looking for someone who shares our values – is it you?