7 steps to stay ahead with paid social
21 February 2022

7 steps to stay ahead with paid social

Paid social media advertising is one of most powerful and cost-effective ways to increase the outreach of any business or services website. However, social media platforms are changing constantly with new privacy updates, demise of third-party cookies and evolving interfaces. How do we stay ahead when it can seem impossible to keep up? Adriana shares her top tips. Here are the 7 steps we use to stay a step ahead with paid social changes…


Where is paid social going? It’s an ever-changing answer. At Drew + Rose, we take every measure to be prepared for these ongoing changes. This includes keeping up to date with data privacy laws, social media platform announcements and news within the industry network. Knowing in advance when changes are planned in the platforms you invest your advertising spend, and what these changes will be, is vital. A pro tip is to create Google alerts for the platforms you work with, as well as joining paid social networks where the news might break earlier.


Once you have a timeline of the possible changes for your campaign, it’s time to communicate. At Drew + Rose, we liaise with our clients about upcoming changes, and what ‘Plan B’ we can create alongside our paid social media campaigns. If everyone involved knows when risks to the performance of the campaign may start, it is easier to sign off strategic changes.


Don’t forget the overall objective of the campaign. Constant changes on a social platform means constant trial on your own advertising. Whenever you’re creating these changes, you need to be thinking strategically on how they align with the objective. Be flexible and diversify One of our Drew + Rose values is being venturesome and that value needs to implemented for these 2 steps! Diversifying across different social platforms allows you to discover prospective customers that align with the objectives of the campaign. Being flexible with creative – such as video, paid media, or even dynamic ads – and making it personalised to the user can enhance the success of the campaign.


The most important step of all is analysing the data. At Drew + Rose, we deep dive on a weekly basis. We take learnings from the data from your social campaigns and create a plan to keep improving results. The data can contribute to all steps by giving us an understanding of the audience, how they react, and what their most likely actions are towards your paid campaign. Hone in on high intent After actioning all steps, your paid campaign is prepared for any obstacles, flexible to changes, and analysed deeply with the main objective kept in sight. Now it’s time to refine, and refine further, until your paid campaign is overperforming with a high intent audience. This is a matter of time and trial.