Harper Talent


Integrated Recruitment launched during the pandemic to challenge traditional recruitment agencies and deliver value to growing businesses. They wanted to distinguish themselves with a revolutionary brand that highlights their core values and sets them apart from their corporate competition.

To create the new brand, we needed to go back to the roots of the business to work out what drives Founder Charly and her team. We quickly realised that Charly’s inspiration came from her experiences of growing up with the family business, Harper Farm, and the generations of partnerships that stemmed from the farm fed straight into the values and ethos of the agency.

Renaming to Harper Talent made complete sense and the brand that you see above was born. The new visual identity brought in elements from the farm, including tree textures and family photographs to link back to the heritage. The elegant colour pallet elevated the agency, brought out their charm, and positioned them as an industry leader. 



8 weeks

Launched Harper Talent rebrand


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