Sapio Research


Sapio Research is a fast-growing insights agency that supports PR agencies and corporate brands in strengthening their ideas and headlines. We were asked to bring the brand to life online, through animation and video, and to write the brand story. Our job was to simplify the process and share the power of honest insights.

Sapio’s website already has incredible SEO power, but we knew we could make their homepage work harder by keeping people on the site for longer. 70% of human learning is done visually so a creative video is the best way to share what a brand does online. Video provides 80% more chance of conversion in the online buying process.

We loved Sapio’s bold colours and to-the-point messaging so used these elements to create an animation with real visual strength that was informative and captured the audience’s attention.

We developed the video script in a workshop-style session, along with the brand story which is now used in all marketing communications and sales activities across the company.



The animation is now on Sapio Research’s homepage and will be the first interaction that many brands and agencies have the brand if driven from SEO. Homepages are prime real estate; make them shine with a animation or explainer video.