Akamai Defenx Brand Creation


The Global Enterprise Akamai partnered with boutique service provider Defenx to support the public sector with fast service and legendary products. Our challenge was to bring the parties together, combine brand guides, and build a funnel to convert marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) for the public sector commercial team.  

Conversion Marketing agency Drew+Rose 'Akamai Brand Mockup' icon
Conversion Marketing agency Drew+Rose 'Akamai Brand Mockup' icon


Akamai has a strong, recognisable global brand identity which speaks directly to the tech industry. We combined their trusted brand identity with the safety and reliability engendered by the Defenx logo. We built out a complementary colour palette blending the corporate cyan of Akamai with the teal green of Defenx to embody the brand union. The visual language delivered a collection of iconography to inform customers of the benefits of Akamai + Defenx.

The static, clean icons juxtapose with the animated cyber security image to demonstrate the ever-changing landscape. Our intention with the visual language was to stand out from the cyber security crowd whilst conveying the safe, reliable, established and trusted reputation of the brand. 

Conversion Marketing agency Drew+Rose 'Akamai Brand Mockup' icon



A new partner brand was created and signed off in a few weeks


Learnings from the first month of the funnel going live showed that lighter backgrounds had a 7% higher engagement rate than dark backgrounds


Funnel results are coming soon.