Pitch Level

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Create a new brand in a new space, a platform that would connect tech giants with their target audience at in-person, luxury hospitality sporting events. Bringing the founders vision to life and help pioneer a totally new approach to an otherwise well-trodden path – and one that would lead to impactful and meaningful results. 


PitchLevel – Events with an End Game – was created with the belief that there is no substitute for making connections in person. 

We created a bespoke monogram of the PL that reflects two important points: The ‘sports track’ and making connections. The animations created across the brands ecosystem brought the brand identity to life. 

We developed a colour palette that would encapsulate the element of ‘luxury’ associated with their events – embracing regal dark greens and luxurious gold to illustrate the exclusivity of a PitchLevel event. 



From Initial brief to launch within 12 weeks. 


ROI within three months from launch.