Lambeth Council


Lambeth needed to attract and inform local residents about their fantastic summer campaign within a short space of time with many suppliers to coordinate. The campaign needed to be targeted, fun, fast and, above all, had to hit preset attendance targets.

Lambeth Council’s Summer of Food and Fun 2021 aim was to partner with over 80 hubs, offering over 60,000 activities and meals for young people throughout the summer! We collaborated with the super talented members of Young Creators UK to illustrate over 30 activity items using the bright and engaging illustrations across the Lambeth website, marketing, banners, and social media channels. We delivered a social media campaign that reached over a million people and drove engagement to the hubs across the borough.

Lambeth’s Summer of Food and Fun Festival is an annual programme run by Lambeth Council. The programme brings together local residents, especially young people, to celebrate a variety of activities, common interests and belonging in the community. Each event in the programme was catered towards target audiences to enhance social, physical, and educational wellbeing.

We undertook both the organic and paid ad promotional activities on behalf of the Lambeth council. The campaign ran from the 24th of July until the 29th of August. The programme was promoted across a number of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



There were 48 unique posts across the month on each individual channel. These posts were varied and targeted according to the varied audience profiles of Lambeth. A consistent brand identity of illustrations and colour palette was used across all the Summer programme creatives delivering a successful campaign for the diverse audience of Lambeth.

Overall, there was a 206% increase in profile visits since the campaign compared to business as usual. There was also a 16% increase in people clicking the link on the bio to visit the website to interact with the programme. Of all the people who interacted with us, about 167 people clicked on the programme link multiple times. The successful campaign resulted in generating awareness of the programme and significantly increased sign ups.