Active Lambeth Brand Creation


Active Lambeth was intent on taking control of the borough’s ‘Better’ gyms, bringing them ‘in-house’ to ensure consistency of service across the borough. The project launch was a massive undertaking with multiple stakeholders alongside a rigid approval process. 

The logo was created by a design agency and delivered to us in it’s minimalist form; a single-paged AL monogram placed beside the wordmark and powerful strapline ‘Leisure for all’ created in the royal blue and gold Lambeth colour palette. 


We rationalised the monogram bringing the brand to life and telling a story that would entice new gym members whilst reassuring the Better Gym’s current members that the quality of service and duty of care will increase. 

The cut-out people ‘flow’ through the ‘AL’ monogram; they are supported by the monogram, communicating that Active Lambeth is there for everyone. 


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From a single page to 42 paged brand guidelines

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The rollout of uniforms, merchandise, advertising and signage across the borough ahead of the launch on April 1st

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Brand strategy to ensure Active Lambeth delivers ‘Leisure for all.’