Brown Bride


Whilst planning her wedding, Bianca experienced how difficult it was to find appropriate wedding vendors to meet her cultural needs. Of course, she wasn’t the only one with this problem, so she co-founded Brown Bride. The start-up needed help driving customer awareness and building a better online experience to position themselves as the go-to online directory of wedding vendors for the South Asian community.

As Brown Bride’s purpose is to spotlight the vendors, we ensured that the overall look and feel was elegant and understated so that the vendors took centre stage.

We spent time getting to know Brown Bride’s customers to get a clear picture of their needs and truly understand what they wanted from the website. With this insight, we created a brand that captured the traditional aspects of South Asian wedding celebrations with a contemporary look to appeal to the modern bride. We took inspiration from patterns seen on traditional clothing and materials to design a delicate logo and chose a palette of pastel colours that have become popular amongst Asian brides. 



Over 450%

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