Brown Bride


Born as a solution to a real problem, Brown Bride is an online directory of wedding vendors catering to the South Asian community. Whilst planning her wedding, co-founder Bianca experienced how difficult it was to find appropriate wedding vendors specific to her cultural needs. She, of course, wasn’t the only one experiencing this.

We were asked to deliver brand positioning, visual identity, print and website design, a WordPress website, marketing, illustration, social content and digital support.

Fast-forwarding to March 2020, The Brown Bride was born to help create a better online experience; currently listing US and Canada-based contacts to help brides plan their perfect ceremonies.

Our aim was to capture both the cultural and traditional aspects of South Asian wedding celebrations with a contemporary, innovative look and feel to represent the modern bride. The logo was designed to showcase a classic, delicate design that was inspired by the patterns often seen on traditional clothing and materials.

The design was also kept very simple to give it a modern, minimalistic feel, and to ensure the logo worked well across all platforms. The colour palette was inspired by modern, pastel colours that have slowly become very popular amongst Asian brides. The brand’s main purpose is to hero their wonderful vendors, so it was important that the overall look and feel wasn’t overbearing and flashy. This ensured that their vendors took centre stage.



The rebrand has been transformative to the entire business. The founders followed our guidelines and rolled out consistent social media that has driven a vast 150% uptake in vendors signing up to the website. We are delighted that the platform is going from strength to strength. Many high-quality members are gaining business from customers who have been delighted to find and use Brown Bride.