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Founded by Jacob Kelly who believes that a better education should be free for all, Tutor the Nation launched at the start of the pandemic. The charity snowballed due to the rise in home tutoring, but the brand looked corporate and conservative. As their main focus was to attract more Gen Z tutors to work with students, Tutor the Nation needed a full revamp and a younger, more vibrant brand to match their vision and personality. 

As well as creating a smile in the mind, the new logo cleverly represents bridging the education gap and clearly demonstrates how the charity is focused on helping young people cross the divide. We created a secondary icon and brand personality – named Bridget – which is now a focal part of the charity’s marketing and works across all formats, from 3D signage and stickers to video animations. 

The brand and website had to appeal to Gen Z, as well as to future generations of young people rising through the ranks, therefore ‘feel good’ colours, bold typography and a plethora of stickers were drawn up to bring Tutor the Nation to life.



Tutor the Nation loved the rebrand and website so much that they wrote this blog post celebrating their new identity.

“It was time to say goodbye to the old website and I’m so delighted with our new look – an inspiring, friendly brand that reflects the inspiring, friendly people that I’m so proud to call our volunteers. A huge thanks to Elle, Kate, and all at Drew + Rose!” 

Jacob Kelly

Founder, Tutor the Nation