Health Lottery

Conversion Marketing agency Drew+Rose staged a 48-hour festival-style celebration event for The Association of Commonwealth Universities' annual farewell celebration


The Health Lottery asked us to design and produce a paid social campaign to launch their new game, QuickWin. QuickWin offers a guaranteed jackpot of £25,000 every three minutes, with a 1 in 6 chance to win.

The USP of QuickWin is that it takes place every three minutes, a first in Europe for lotteries. With this in mind, we got thinking that one thing that connects everyone, no matter who you are is…TIME!

This then sparked our curiosity, what else happens every three minutes? We produced 27 gifs for Facebook adverts that were time-relevant and connected with different people through interesting facts about what happens every three minutes.

The campaign rolled out via Facebook over the holiday period for one month.



95% positive sentiment, 338,163 overall reach, 874,810 impressions, 7820 website purchases, 6313 positive sentiment, 294 overall reach & CPA reduced to £15.