Culture Pal


Successful businesses know that culture is everything, so we were thrilled when Vic Proud of Proud consulting decided to create tailored culture offering, Culture Pal. Vic’s aim is to demystify the culture change challenge by making culture understandable, and accessible for any organisation. Our challenge was to create a warm, friendly, accessible brand and online resource hub for business leaders, HR directors, customers, and employees alike.   

The new branding, logo, colour palette, copy and animation make a warm, friendly, modern, and welcoming brand and site – as you would expect from a culture-led business.  

We designed and built a custom WordPress website with a clear user journey, and call to actions to sign up for the course. The course was built in MemberPress, a high performing membership site with many user and owner capabilities, such as unlimited members and memberships, subscription management with automated payment integration, access rules for tiered memberships and clear and relevant reporting.  

The clients can purchase from a selection of packages and login to access the course content in the form of playbooks and downloadable resources.  

We worked with an external provider to create a culture survey. This can be sent from the site to large organisations, allowing them to document their internal culture.  



We’ve built a beautiful, functional, and responsive custom learning hub that creates a new and renewable revenue stream with minimal ongoing support from the owner.