Marketeer Moments

How and why we should redeem Marketing’s bad reputation 

Marketing is in urgent need of a reputation rehabilitation. Considered out-of-date and out of touch with customer needs, it’s time to reinstate meaningful marketing and remind the industry that marketing is about creating connection, not deception.

Determined to delve into this disillusionment, we’ve teamed up with Sapio Research to build a research-backed events series, Marketeer Moments, that helps marketeers understand why we’ve earned our bad rep and how we can redeem it.

In the first session of Marketeer Moments, we’ll be demystifying ‘How Marketing Got a Bad Name’, this will include:

1.     Learnings – Sapio’s Managing Director, Jane Hales, presents the findings of the research based on the opinions of hundreds of senior directors

2.     Discussion – Round table debate (participation optional) on how to reinstate faith in the industry

3.     Instruction – Training on how to map, track and fully measure your business’ marketing KPI’s to prove ROI and bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

These sessions are a marketing must for anyone looking to stay on top of the constantly evolving landscape. Meaningful marketing means embracing change. We can no longer overlook data-driven targets or neglect to take ownership of results. If you are looking to master, or just curious on, how to set KPI’s, map actions, and measure results, this series has the answers you need. Sign up to Marketeer Moments today and reinstate both your company and customer’s faith in marketing.

Key event information:

Location: Soho Works, 72-74 Dean Street, London W1D 3SQ

Date: Wednesday 30 November 2022

Time: 4.30pm arrival (please arrive 5 minutes before for a prompt start)

How you will benefit from the event: 

  • Understand how to map and track campaigns to feel empowered  
  • Develop metrics to measure impact  
  • Test and learn to monitor effective variables 
  • Gain expert advice and training around measuring data
  • Get a suite of tools to answer those all-important questions, such as improving ROI 
  • Network in a safe space with like-minded marketeers
  • Generate more leads to create a meaningful connection with consumers
  • Cut costs and save time by understanding most effective actions

Charlotte Johnson, CEO of Drew + Rose, is hosting this event in partnership with Sapio Research. Together they will deliver insights to demystify the sector and help us understand how we’ve earned a bad rep and what we can do to redeem it. 

At Drew + Rose, we’re on a mission to reinstate faith in marketing. Marketeer Moments allows us to do this through factual insights and training. 

Sapio Research

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Sapio Research work with big brand names and offer creative, evidence-based solutions. They’ll be sharing insights from quarterly research commissioned by Drew + Rose on what we, as marketeers, can do to change the negative perception of marketing and restore its image.